SSAGO Elections

National SSAGO AGM Spring 2019

Welcome to the online system for the next National SSAGO AGM.

This year, you will be able to nominate yourself online for any of the National Exec positions, supplying your Manifesto and nominator information. These will then be made publicly available for people to view and browse at Rally.

In addition, if you wish to submit an event bid for any of the upcoming national events, you can also do this online, along with providing as much detail as possible about your event.

As with last year, people not attending the AGM in person will be able to register to vote online and have their say. Registration to vote must be completed in advance, and those attending will not be able to vote online.

If you are not attending and wish to register to vote, you must register to vote online.

If you have any queries about the elections at all, including advice, questions or comments, please contact or raise an issue or view the current decisions.


  • January 17th 19:00 - Nominations open
  • February 12th 20:00 - Nominations published
  • February 16th 12:00 - Nominations close
  • January 17th 19:00 - Voting registration opens
  • February 12th 20:00 - Voting registration closes
  • February 12th 20:00 - Questions open
  • February 16th 16:00 - Questions close
  • February 16th 14:00 - Voting opens
  • February 16th 23:59 - Voting closes

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Any questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the election, please contact the independent returning officer below, or on

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Run for a position

Fancy taking on one of the roles in the National SSAGO AGM Spring 2019? These are the roles up for election:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members Officer
  • Publicity Officer

You will need to put together a manifesto for yourself, along with a nominator and a seconder from different clubs.

Interested? Find out more!

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Run a National Event

Fancy bidding to run a Rally, a Ball or another National Event?

Whether a SSAGO club or a group of friends across SSAGO, you can propose your plan for a national event.

You'll need to know which event you are bidding for, what time of the year it will take place and supply a written description and a picture of what you're planning.

One representative from your group will need to submit the bid.

Bid for an event
Think you know someone who would be good?

Why not suggest them? All suggestions are completely anonymous!

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