SSAGO Elections

National SSAGO AGM Spring 2021

The positions available for this election are:


The Chairperson shall:

  1. Have Ultimate responsibility for the Organisation
  2. Be the main SSAGO Spokesperson
  3. Interpret SSAGO Rules and Regulations
  4. Chair Executive, Full and Conference Meetings
  5. Be the primary liaison with The Scout Association, Girlguiding UK and SAGGA
  6. Receive any information from Headquarters and distribute/delegate to other members of the Executive Committee as appropriate
  7. Ensure that the Executive Committee members are fulfilling their responsibilities and delegate tasks appropriately
  8. Be responsible for checking Adventurous Activities and Nights Away requests
  9. Support all Team Pink members
  10. Respond to any welfare and inclusivity concerns raised to the Executive Committee
  11. Respond to any issues that arise obstructing the day-to-day functioning of the organisation
  12. Be the primary point of contact for national event committees, with assistance from the Events Officer.


The Secretary shall:

  1. Arrange all Executive and Team Pink meetings, as well as meetings with event committees, under instruction of the Chair.
  2. Take, write up and store minutes of Executive, Full and Conference Meetings.
  3. Publicise minutes appropriately
  4. All minutes will be posted on the SSAGO Website and will be available in either email or hard copy form on request
  5. Previous minutes are to be made available prior to the relevant meeting
  6. Ensure minutes are sent to The Scout Association and Girlguiding UK as soon as possible
  7. Receive all requests for items to be added to agendas
  8. Write and distribute agendas once agreed with the Chairperson
  9. Keep copies of the current Constitution and the historic versions
  10. Keep copies of the current Policy Documents and Factsheets
  11. Take over the role of the Chairperson should they resign or steps down from position due to conflict of interest
  12. Be responsible for the maintenance of SSAGO archives and records with assistance from the Archivist.
  13. Oversee the online portion of Full committee meetings, prepare agenda items for comments and votes, and formalise Exec response
  14. Maintain and organise the and email addresses and ensure all emails received are dealt with appropriately


The Treasurers shall:

  1. Be responsible for keeping true and accurate account of the organisations assets and liabilities
  2. Correspond with banks as necessary and holding all documentation related to any accounts held in the name of SSAGO
  3. Deal with all insurance updates and queries
  4. Ensure all annual payments are made in time to creditors
  5. Audit National Event accounts
  6. Be responsible for all aspects of SSAGO Merchandise with assistance from the Quartermaster
  7. Receive annual subscription payments form the membership
  8. Ensure the National accounts are independently audited in time for the Spring Conference
  9. Maintain an up to date list of creditors
  10. Review National Event budgets and authorise deposits
  11. Be responsible for authorising expenses
  12. Oversee, record and payout applications to the development fund

Members Officer

The Members Officer shall:

  1. Liaise with all SSAGO Clubs, Independent and Associate members
  2. Be the first point of contact for member queries
  3. Maintain and update the details of all SSAGO clubs
  4. Ensure clubs maintain and update the details of SSAGO Members
  5. Set up new clubs on the SSAGO website and provide a general overview of the organisation
  6. Ensure all clubs pay their annual Membership Fee
  7. Check and approve membership lists
  8. Contact existing clubs that look as if they are struggling to try and provide help
  9. When necessary, provide assistance for DBS checks on members who don’t have them to allow them to take part in SSAGO supports events
  10. Grow SSAGO’s international links with the assistance of the International Officer
  11. Produce and distribute membership forms
  12. Maintain and update the list of approved minibus drivers

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer shall:

  1. Produce, maintain and distribute stocks of publicity materials
  2. Manage and produce content for the National SSAGO social media channels
  3. Organise the SSAGO Support team and coordinate their presence at events
  4. Promote SSAGO’s presence in Scouting and Guiding media
  5. Promote SSAGO at Scouting and Guiding events
  6. Be responsible for the maintenance of the SSAGO Website and online systems with assistance from the Webmaster
  7. Manage and produce News articles for the SSAGO website
  8. Provide publicity and promotional support to SSAGO clubs and National Events
  9. Be responsible for the promotion of SSAGO to Scouts, Guides and any other relevant or interested groups or individuals.

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  • A written manifesto
  • A photo of yourself

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